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Devil, I advise you to do good

Devil, I advise you to do good

Devil, I advise you to do good

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    Devil, I advise you to do good
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    Yu man
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    Light Novel
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2023-02-11 13:59:48
She was once a Buddha treasure worshipped by others. once she was kidnapped by the demon head as a ridge knife, she was the top beam column of the demon head. She was still competent. She wanted to kill him with a cold knife, Amitabha... What is it... he was the crown prince of a small country, the courtiers and dignitaries changed their ways to make him ascend to the east palace it's not easy to be a crown prince, so he became an official, but he got the reputation of solving cases like God all the courtiers said that your highness is a good talent to be an official. Being a prince... It's still not ready... only she knew: he tried to arrest the murderer during the day, sneaked to kill at night, and investigated the real murderer alone, "devil, I advise you to be kind. If you go on like this, the country will be ruined by you." ... the prince smiled kindly, but his eyes were cold, "change it if it's bad. Anyway, the prince Gu is fake." ... later, the old minister of the legitimate family asked him to return to the country, One after another knelt down and cried under his robe, he was kind and compassionate, looked down and refused softly, "all the lonely and ministers are hypocrites. Please find another wisdom to restore the country." ... he once sank into the abyss and saw the most bright fire in the world, only focused on the darkness hidden under the light, since then, he was willing to wear chains and enter the path of ruthlessness without regret, just to protect her, Not swallowed by the cruel truth of the world... from the Imperial Hall to the Jianghu, the old capital of the old Dynasty, which is no longer misty and rainy, is decadent in the old part of the wild mountains, the demon town tower that frightens the curfew in all directions, and the immortal holy mountain in the sky, along the way, she is noisy like a bird, he is cold and arrogant like frost, and he is free from a pair of happy enemies until that day, Caiyi said: Your Highness, he doesn't do this to others, only to you, not good at expressing