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Pastoral PET: the power princess is a little sweet

Pastoral PET: the power princess is a little sweet

Pastoral PET: the power princess is a little sweet

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    Pastoral PET: the power princess is a little sweet
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    Night rain without dream
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    Health Books
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2022-09-05 03:24:49
1v1 Shuangjie, high sweetness and no abuse Lu Yuli, with her power, suddenly crossed from the end of the world without enough food. She became the first lady of a small rich family in ancient times. She was expelled as soon as she wore it in Lu Yuli, who is not from here, just doesn't want the best family, so he gladly broke off his relationship with it after making a lot of money, father slag: "Li'er, your child is old enough to get married. Don't do these things that appear in public. Leave them to dad and let him take care of them for you." the woman nodded calmly, "that's very reasonable, and I'm just going to do that. However, you should take Mrs. Li off first and don't let her in later." Cinderella's eyes turned: "well, in order to leave your happiness, it doesn't hurt to be a father at the expense of your own happiness." after returning home, Cinderella's father: "madam, the bitch asked me to leave you before she would give us the business. We might as well get the business first, and then marry you back by the Ming media." Mrs. Li thought: "OK, I'd like to do it for the sake of the master." after the break, Dad slag said, "daughter, I'll give that woman a break." The hostess nodded, "well, OK." dad slag said, "should you give your business to dad and let dad take care of it for you?" The hostess looked innocent: "I promised you to take care of my business?" After recalling, the slag father vomited blood on his face. Mrs. Li, who knew the truth, vomited blood in his footsteps. a man said, "well, the king's Li son is great."

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